Smart, Shared, Connected
Volt Lines is a next generation employee transportation service that improves classical shuttle transport with technology and comfort, offering a shared service model that allows firms to save up to 15% while improving employee satisfaction.
Why Volt Lines ?
Save Money
Inefficiencies in your current shuttle transport system are costing you a lot of money that can be saved with smarter technologies.
Save Time
The scale and technology of Volt Lines allows for less administrative work for you, less walking for your employees, and better routing which results in shorter trips.
Improve Employee Satisfaction
Volt Lines gives your employees live bus tracking, seamless trip management, and frictionless driver communication.
Reduce Your Environmental / Traffic Footprint
Shuttle buses have ~55% occupancy. Together we can work on reducing the traffic and pollution impact of this inefficiency.
How it works ?

Pay for the seats you reserve for your employees, not for the routes.

Offer your employees a seamless experience with an iOS/Android app that allows live tracking of bus, trip management, and easy driver communication.

Manage and track everything from the HR Web App. Add/remove employees, check routes, track buses and get instant insights on performance.

Increase efficiency while reducing trip length with Smart Sharing with neighboring companies.